James T Sale

Composer and Conductor

Music has been a part of my life from the very beginning. I was fortunate to have been raised in an artistic environment with my father not only being a music lover but a passionate writer, my mother an opera lover and a recorder player. After years of orchestral music in my ears I discovered new bands and new styles of music when I started playing drums at the age of 10. Growing up in Washington DC meant playing GO GO, a percussive style of music unique to the DC area. A major milestone for me at 10 was seeing a new film in May of 1977 called Star Wars which knocked me out of orbit and into a new trajectory that would lead me to studying film music at Berklee College of Music in the late 80's. John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith's scores were always a part of my music life and I still adore their work to this day.

The other part of my background that has been helpful to me as a film composer is my love of film. Seeing Lawrence of Arabia on the big screen never loses its magic. My love for film didn't just start with Star Wars, it was enhanced by it. As a film composer I always try and understand what filmmakers go through to make their film. It's an exhausting process that involves solving problems over a long period of time. My job is to help directors solve the sonic/emotional problem as easily as possible. Even though it is a collaboration the director's vision is paramount.

I hope you enjoy the music on this website. It was created with love and care and a many moments of sweat and sleepless nights. I am grateful to be a part of something moving, magical, and lasting.

Thank you for visiting.